Podcasts and webinars are a great way to get your ideas out to the masses. Your audience can listen to the information you have the share from wherever they have an internet connection, and depending on how you decide to release the media, at a time that suit you.


Voice of Chaos

Voice of Chaos is a weekly Aussie Heavy Music Podcast and Radio show. The show has been in production since 2015 and has gone through a number of formats and production techniques all the while keeping a “live” feel. The show is available as a podcast and is also heard on WKRA The Rock, an Internet Radio station from the USA


ASCI Podcast

Working with the Not for Profit, Australasian Supply Chain Institute, the ASCI Lounge Podcast was developed as a medium to discuss issues facing the supply chain world today with some of the industries best thought leaders. This show has been in production since 2016 and includes shows recorded live from conferences.

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ASCI Webinars

Due to the wide dispersement of members, Webinars are regularly produced for Not for Profit, Australasian Supply Chain Institute, to enable them to make keynote presentations available to members and the broader community nationally. From presentations to panel discussions a variety of formats have been produced since 2016.