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Learning on the Go!

Up-skilling our people is often a very time consuming and somewhat costly endeavour. We know we have to, if we want a knowledgable workforce, but you find it hard to justify the downtime of your workforce on top of the investment in developing the training.

For many years I worked as an L&D consultant and project manager, devising and implementing solutions with the intent on keeping existing employees on the top of their game and up to date on current changes. Often I would work with a business unit as they had ideas of grandeur, requesting the training to be more of an event with the purpose of engaging the learner. The punchline….
In most cases the learner would have just liked a quick update in some easily consumable form.

This is where podcasts can be a massive help. Given their on demand and easily accessible nature, if you don’t have mission critical visuals or an absolute need for hands on interaction (think systems training), then why cant you get the update across via one or a brief series of podcasts backed up up by updated process guides?

Not only will you save your employees time and reduce down time, but your development costs for training can be greatly reduced and the content can be reused repeatedly reducing costs for deployment. Why not give your employees the flexibility to learn when it suits them. Maybe on their commute, over a coffee or between daily tasks. Learning should happen when and where it suits the learner.

Admittedly, podcasts can’t be a substitute for all training delivery, but understanding your training needs and the needs of your learner will help solidify your approach. Your producer should also be able to advise you accordingly as to if the decision to use podcasts is a worthwhile one.

So why not give podcasts a go to keep your employees informed and up to date? You’ve really got nothing to lose and only time to gain.