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Part 3 - Rinse and Repeat

I’ve been listening to Podcasts for a very long time.  Much longer than I have been creating them.  One thing is for certain, the format changes and adapts over time.  That is unless they are one of those episodic, story based shows.  For the majority however, the format will, and should change!

As you find your feet, develop your niche and respond to listener feedback you will inadvertently change up the format for your show.  So don’t be frightened to start producing even if you are not set on the final format.

Develop your listener base.

No show, no listeners.  End of Story.  If you don’t get your show off the ground you will not gain a listener base and I can tell you, there is nothing more rewarding or exciting in this game then watching those statistics grow.  Especially when you can see it’s no longer just your mum checking you out - mum was never allowed to listen to Voice of Chaos.

I’ve produced a number of podcasts for both personal and professional purposes and what I can tell you is that they never stay the same.  With every change more and more ideas are implemented and the show refined to suit the audience.  Sometimes things work, like adding more music and less talk to a music podcast and other time ideas miss the mark, like trying to deliver shows across three sub categories (a logistical nightmare that I don’t recommend).

The key however is to be consistent and regular with your shows.  Set a schedule and try to stick to it.  If you can’t or you need to change the schedule up, keep the listener informed.  Otherwise they may assume you’ve disappeared into the ether and unsubscribe.


I hope you have enjoyed this 3 part look into getting started with podcasts from my own perspective.  Over time I will continue to bring more insights from my own experiences but now it’s time for you to build your own.  Contact me today to talk about getting started with your own podcast.