Part 1 - Welcome to the Jungle

Over the next few weeks I am going to share my journey into the world of podcasting. It will be a warts and all account as I take you through both mistakes and successes but most importantly the learnings from producing this fantastic medium.

So you’ve decided to join the hundreds and thousands of creatives that deliver their stories over this wonderful medium of podcasting.  Well done and welcome!

I myself kind of stumbled into podcasting as a way of staying a part of the Aussie Heavy music scene I love.  After hanging up my bass and stepping away from the live scene for a spell I decided, along with a mate of mine, that we talk enough about music, why not just put mics in front of our face?  With that, the Voice of Chaos Podcast was born (listener discretion is HIGHLY advised).

My mate and I had no radio or audio recording experience and I had no money to throw into this little project so with a few JB HiFi vouchers and about a half a days research I went out, brought a USB mixer and a couple of mics and ran head first into the podcasting world learning along the way.  To be honest I am still learning and I am sure I always will.

You see, whilst there are hundreds of really professional sounding podcasts out there earning huge money, there are probably twice as many from amateurs and hobbyists who just want to share their passion and thoughts around a particular topic or interest.  They may or may not make some coin out of their endeavours but it doesn’t phase them.  The real joy is in building a base of solid like minded listeners who share the passion and look forward to each and every episode.

With that, I welcome you.  Welcome to a fun, interesting, sometimes frustrating, but entertaining world where with a few bucks and a lot of passion you can create something that is uniquely you.  Most importantly though, you’ve wound up here and if you would like to stay with me I will help you find your way and keep you moving.  Learn from my experiences as I lay them out warts and all.

Happy Podcasting!