Part 2 - Running Blind, Full Speed and with Scissors!

Like most of my ideas, the idea to get into podcasting could have very well ended up on the cutting room floor.  I needed to invest in some equipment, had no experience, was swamped with the 9-5 and knew this was not going to make any money.

But I couldn’t shake the idea.


After floating the initial Ida for my first podcast, Voice of Chaos, to my best mate and co host it was soon after I found myself picking up a mixer and mic to get started.  That initial kit consisted of:

  • Samson MXP124FX 12 Channel Mixer
  • 2x Samson Q7 Professional Microphones
  • 2x Samson HP10 Headphones (no longer manufactured)

This little ensemble set me back around $400 once I included a couple of generic boom mic stands and a couple of mic wind socks.  In a nutshell, cheap, but practical set up for the two of us that, apart from the headphones, is still being used to produce the show today!

Okay, so we had the gear.  We had the idea.  Let’s take this “easy”.

Ha! I put easy in quotes because ripping the band aid off was the only way.  Once I got the gear set up and decided on using Apple’s Garageband I just hit record and unbeknownst to my cohost created our debut pilot episode!  Had I gone into panning mode with him we may never have launched but by ripping the band aid off and driving the conversation we got a pretty decent pilot that served as a great way to set up and launch the show.

I’ll go into further details in future posts on how to get your show online and learnings from that but for now I hope you feel just as motivated as we were to just get started.  In all honesty your first show will probably sound pretty awful but don’t let that discourage you.  Your format may not be fully refined, again don’t let that stop you.  Rip the band aid off and make have a go.

Then rinse and repeat…