Getting into their Ears and Minds... with a Podcast

Ok, so in the interest of total disclosure this post may have a little bias because I am an avid fan of podcasts and podcasting.  If that hasn’t turned you off, please read on. 

The early days recording my Aussie Heavy Music Podcast

The early days recording my Aussie Heavy Music Podcast

So what is a podcast? Podcasts are like talk radio but available on demand through the internet.  There are podcasts on just about any topic imaginable and listeners can subscribe to a podcast to ensure they get access to new episodes as they go live.


What drives my love for podcasts is the variety of topics that are covered and the expertise and passion that comes from a wide variety of hosts and guests.  In fact, in a lot of cases the hosts, particularly when starting out, have not built a name for themselves yet and build a following as they demonstrate their passion for the subject matter.   

Which leads me in to why Podcasts can be the perfect tool to share the knowledge that comes from your business.  Everyday you and your team develop ideas, concepts, best practices and experiences giving you a unique view towards the industry you work in.  In a world with so much competition how do you show to your potential customers and peers that your organisation has the growing knowledge and skill to deliver?  Through a podcast that can be easily accessed you can get into the ears and minds of those that matter most. 

Using a podcasts to discuss a burning topics impacting your industry, address issue, explain concepts and promote your business can be an extremely powerful tool.  I am reminded as I write this of the time that a client I was producing a podcast for, shared with me an experience he had at a recent meeting.  He spoke of how at this meeting,he was commended on sharing his, not his company’s, ideas on a topic, as it helped his client know that he was the right person to listen to on a particular topic.  They new he had the knowledge to assist them as opposed to simply being across the product.

Podcasts are also extremely accessible and their audio nature (whilst video podcasts also exist my focus for this post is on audio) means they can be consumed on a commute, at the gym, on a walk or anywhere else when someone has some downtime.  This means that a podcast can be consumed without being a burden requiring further attention in an already busy day. 


Why not consider launching a Podcast for your business or brand.  Black Onyx Digital can help you make this a reality through our consultation and production services.  Get in contact with us today and get in the ears of your next potential customer.