Leave the Road Warrior Title to Mad Max

 Tired of being a Road Warrior?


 For many, to get in the ears and eyes of potential clients you need to be on the road constantly.  From meetings to presentations so much time and productivity is lost as we present our thoughts, products and services in person.  Problem is, all this effort doesn’t necessarily convert to sales.


The solution to this has been under everyone’s nose for some time, but if you haven’t given it a chance, now is the time.


With improvements in technology, the internet and hardware, video conferencing platforms have become more accessible and more cost effective than ever before.  The ability to meet online, with video visibility, one one one or with multiple participants from our laptops, tablets or even mobile phones using a standard broadband or 4G internet connection is a reality today and should be considered a regular tool in any small to medium business toolkit. 

Even cost is no longer a major barrier to entry with most platforms offering a free tier or a monthly subscription for a negligible amount.  In addition to this, your participants don’t need to sign up to anything to attend.  Even if they don’t use the same platform as you, or anything at all, they get provided with a direct link to join for the duration. 


Travel is costly.  Flights, accomodation, food, connecting transport and that’s even before you lock in a venue.  If you’re presenting you’ve now got a much higher break even cost meaning you’ve got to charge more, which may limit participants, or just not go ahead  if you don’t hit a minimum number.  As for meetings, well, you could invest all that time and money to feel a client out only to find out that a deal is just not going to come to fruition.  Avoid those unnecessary costs and deliver over a video conferencing platform and take advantage of the added benefits of being able to record, poll, offer downloads of materials, demonstrate a range of visuals and most of all present and meet from wherever and whenever suits you and your audience.


Video Conferencing, Webinars and Virtual Classrooms are all fantastic ways to reach a large audience without geographic restriction.  We will explore them all deeper in further posts but why wait?  Contact Black Onyx Digital and let us help you reduce costs and save time using this fantastic tool.